Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

Memorial service in remembrance of Nancy martin


It is with great sadness that we have learnt this week of the passing of Nancy Martin.

Nancy and her husband Bob were great servants of the Nazareth Hospital and Nazareth School of Nursing, living here for over 17 years until 1995. Nancy was for many years the Director of the Nazareth School of Nursing. In partnership with local staff from Nazareth she helped establish the School to make it what it is today, a thriving educational institution teaching over 350 students each year.

Since returning to the US, Nancy remained in touch with the work in Nazareth and developed many close and deep friendships here. Nancy and her family have set up the Nancy Martin Memorial Scholarship fund for scholarships at the Nazareth Hospital School of Nursing – a fitting tribute to her lifelong dedication to nursing education and her connection to Nazareth.

We will be holding a memorial service in remembrance of Nancy at the hospital chapel on Monday 30th September at 15:00 pm and all are welcome.



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